TEMPORARY traffic lights on the A65 at Coniston Cold are likely to be in place for around three weeks.

Northern Gas Networks says it is working night and day to finish repairs to a leaking gas pipe on Moorber Lane, which is also including work on a stretch of the A65.

The company, which is responsible for the distribution of gas to homes and businesses across Yorkshire, held a public meeting in Coniston Cold earlier this month to discuss the works and to answer questions.

Russel Kaye, operations manager at Northern Gas Networks told the Craven Herald on Friday (June 21): “We are making good progress in the Coniston Cold area. We have a team working days on the A65 and a team working nights on the side street to speed up the project.

“We have temporary traffic light manned between 7am and 7pm every day. We estimate that the work on the A65 will need to continue for a further three weeks.

“The two teams involved in these works are working as swiftly as possible with safety being the priority.

“We thank you for your continued patience.”