BOTH young feeding bulls and beef-bred feeding cows did well at CCM Skipton Auction Mart’s latest fortnightly Wednesday cattle sale, the former peaking at £1,890 for a quality red roan Limousin-x from North Craven’s Graham and Heather Steznke, Eldroth, closely followed at £1,880 by a pure Simmental from Eddie Webster, Cracoe. (July 3).

Among 308 head forward at the midweek fixture was a larger turnout of 57 feeding bulls and, while trade was mixed, a section average of £1,399 clearly indicated a strong overall performance, reflecting the quality on offer.

While the strongest bulls were cheaper, nice medium and youngest types at 8/10-months-old traded along similar lines as previous sales, with buyers appearing keenest to acquire a growing bull rather than a shorter-keep type. Other stronger cattle were £1,500-£1,680, with medium-keep bulls generally £1,350-£1,480.

A nice show of meat was evident among the 25 beef-bred feeding cows, which averaged a solid £1,328 each, all bar two reaching four figures. Prices peaked at £1,760 for a strong 2017-born Limousin- x from the Grindleton Towlers, while close behind at £1,750 was a six-year-old Charolais from Settle mother and daughter, June Dowie and Jennifer Hyslop, Cleatop. Another young five-year-old Limousin from James Penter, Littondale, caught the eye at £1,600.

Top call among the native cows at £1,570 was a Hereford from Calderdale’s BJ Boulton, Wainstalls, Thwaite Bros, Malhamdale, also figuring among the leading native prices with a £1,530 Aberdeen-Angus. From the same area, A Wilson and Son, Gordale, claimed £1,470 with a Devon-x, while hill cows sold to £1,400 for Salers from Beeston Hall Farm, Ripponden.

A single Limousin beef breeding bull from M Ryder & Sons. Haverah Park, Harrogate, headed the day’s selling prices at £2,320, The 215 store bullocks and heifers met a similar trade on the fortnight, with both large and smart cattle in high demand. Dairy-bred British Blue bullocks sold to a top of £1,930 for a pair from DT&LA Houseman, Dacre, other large bullocks with flesh making over £1,600. Dairy-bred Continental heifers also sold well, with £1,400-£1,500 seen for flesh and leaner types, while suckler-bred Continental bullocks topped jointly at £1,760 from GT Blezard, Lancaster, and CH&IC Hammond, Harrogate.

Native bullocks sold to £1,620 for Shorthorns from H Downs & Son, Skipton, native heifers to £1,540 from TH&K Wood, Harrogate, who also led the suckler-bred heifer prices with a £1,880 Limousin, followed at £1,750 for a Blue from John and Jean Bradley, Giggleswick.

Store bullocks produced averages of £1,455 for Continental-x, £1,285 for natives and £1,016 for black and whites, their heifer counterparts respectively averaging £1,334, £1,219 and £1,080.

A small entry of breeding cattle, comprising cows with calves at foot, peaked at £1,800 for a Simmental with same way bred heifer calf from JD Loftus, Blackpool, other farming outfits selling at £1,480-£1,700.

A couple of under 30-month prime cattle, lightweight heifers from Ben Townsend, Laneshawbridge, made £1,704 and £1694, or 335.5p/kg and 332.5p/kg, both falling to regular buyer James Robertshaw for his Robertshaw’s Farm Shop in Thornton, Bradford.