AVERAGE speed cameras along the A682 from Gisburn to the North Yorkshire border near Long Preston are now due to 'go live' sometime this summer.

Cameras and average speed signs have been in place for several weeks, but have not yet been switched on, despite earlier expectations from Lancashire County Council that they would 'go live' in the spring.

The county council has installed the average speed cameras as part of a package of safety improvements on a number of A-roads across the county which have a history of serious incidents.

It received £7.9million from the Department for Transport's Safer Roads Programme, with around £449,000 being invested in measures on the A682 with speed cameras covering the stretch between Gisburn and Long Preston.

Included in the work, which ends at the North Yorkshire border, are solar-powered road studs to highlight the centreline, and rumble strips to highlight the edge of the road.

An average speed camera system tracks how long it takes drivers of vehicles and motorbikes to travel between two set points on a road, measured by two cameras at each point; this information is then used to calculate the average speed, unlike safety camera vans that can only record the speed of vehicles as they pass.