A company that operates buses along a popular route has been given the contract to carry on running the service for at least another five years.

Jacksons of Silsden - which runs the 903 service between Silsden, Addingham and Airedale Hospital - has been given the green light to continue.

The service, funded under the Rural Bus Subsidy Grant, was fought for by more than 1,000 residents.

In 2006, it was extended to operate once a day to Keighley to provide a shopping trip for Silsden residents who had been hit by reductions in service by Keighley & District.

A low-floor bus was introduced on the service two years ago with the help of a grant from Yorkshire Forward and passenger numbers have increased since.

Based on surveys in November, the service carries 163 passengers a day, with most trips exceeding Metro’s criteria for tendered services of six passengers per trip.

In order to retain the contract, Jacksons offered to introduce a new low-floor bus and to provide an extra Keighley trip.