An abandoned badger cub has been found in Malham.

The animal was found weak and near death in the village by a resident, who contacted Liz Groves, of the Craven Badger Group.

“I went to collect it and realised it wouldn’t have stood another night. It was weak, cold and would not feed,” said Liz.

“I assume the mother was either killed or she abandoned her. She looked about 10-weeks- old and had probably just started to wean.”

The female cub was taken to Kingsway Vets in Skipton for examination and then Liz took the orphan to Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Norton, in North Yorkshire.

“We all tried to get some milk down the cub, but she was very cold and it wasn’t until she started to warm up that she began to feed,” said Liz.

She has now been at an RSPCA rescue centre in Cheshire for 10 days and is doing well.

“The main thing I want to say is that the badger was tested for TB and was negative. This is good news for farmers in Craven as well as other wildlife. We don’t have a TB problem among badgers here,” she said.

Anyone coming across young badgers that look as though they are abandoned can ring Liz on 01535 657158.