Villagers are being called upon to make a stand against a wind turbine which will tower 145 feet into the sky.

Opposition is already high in Embsay where the generator is proposed on a site which will overlook Skipton Road and will be seen for miles around.

The plan is in outline and is expected go before Craven District Council planners shortly.

The applicant is a farmer who lives five miles away in Bradley and the agents are Scottish-based Passim Developments.

Co-ordinating the opposition is Jack Wilson. of Skipton Road, Embsay, who has produced a photographic impression of what the turbine will look like if it gets approval.

The 74-year-old describes it as simply an application to make money and would contribute little to the community.

“This is a financial and commercial enterprise to take advantage of Government’s subsidies – nothing else,” he said.

Mr Wilson has distributed objection letters to his neighbours and left similar correspondence at the Cavendish and Elm Tree public houses and the village hairdressers.

“I’m hoping people will voice their opposition, address the letters and I will collect them and deliver them to Craven Council,” he added.

Mr Wilson said the initial feedback he had received was one of anger and utter dismay over the lack of consultation on the plans.

Also passionately opposed is Andrew Wilson, editor of the village magazine whose home is in Skipton Road and would be overlooked by the turbine from the side. He branded it “a blot on the landscape” and argued it would make no economic sense.

“It’s just a single turbine. It’s not a bank of turbines which might make some commercial sense. It will give nothing back to the community,” he said.

Adding her voice to the opposition, County Councillor Shelagh Marshall, who lives in the village, said: “I’m very concerned. In principle I’m supportive where the turbine is for somebody’s own use but this is not the right site. I’m worried about the impact on the landscape.”