Skipton Market will be run jointly by the town and district councils from next month.

The year-long interim arrangement will allow the town council enough time to take over sole responsibility of the four-days-a-week market and update its business plan for its future development.

But it will not mean the town council will have to go ahead if it turns out to be unworkable, town councillors were told last week.

From March, the town council will be responsible for “on street” issues for the year, such as making sure the market is tidy and accesses are clear and checking security and the height of overhead cables.

Its officers will also be responsible for checking weather conditions and liaising with traders, police and traffic wardens, and also collecting payment for the market authority, Craven District Council, which will continue to be responsible for issuing consents to trade, liaising with frontagers and traders and cleansing and environmental health.

The town council’s finance and policy meeting was told on Thursday that the current lease between the Lord of the Honour of Skipton Castle, Sebastian Fattorini, owner of the market charter, and Craven District Council would be extended for another year.

But during the year, the market would be run jointly by the two councils with a view to the lease being taken over by the town council in March 2013.

It follows a decision by Mr Fattorini to transfer the market lease to the town council to tie in with its other town centre management functions.

Council leader Councillor Paul English said: “It will be the best thing for Skipton. It is our market and I’ve always thought it was wrong that councillors from places like Bentham made decisions on Skipton Market.

“The whole point of taking it on is to get it managed better not just for the market traders themselves, but for all visitors and residents.”

After the meeting, Dave Parker, the town council’s chief officer, said the interim arrangement should mean a smooth transition.

“It will also mean we can identify any issues which need to be addressed and build on the work done by Craven over the last ten years,” he added. “We see the market as a sensible addition to the town council’s town centre management role.

“We are based on the High Street, next to where the market operates, and will be looking to both develop the market and integrate it more into the other events and initiatives taking place in the town.”

Paul Ellis, deputy chief executive of Craven District Council, said: “We will be fully supporting the town council both during the transition and the years ahead.”