Skipton’s new mayor has called for political and personal differences to be put aside for the good of the town.

Coun Wendy Clark appealed to fellow councillors to pull together and look forward to an exciting year for Skipton.

“In these difficult times and during my year as mayor, I do hope that we can all put our differences, whether political or personal, aside and achieve this aim of working as one for the good of Skipton,” she told the annual general meeting. “It should be an enjoyable year for us with the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympic torch and I hope the beating of the bounds of Skipton, to name just a few.”

Coun Clark, who was voted in unopposed, announced she would be supporting Brooklands Community School and Skipton Street Angels during her year in office.

She explained she had been involved with the school for several years and also spent many Saturdays in the town centre as a volunteer “angel”.

“I spend many an enjoyable evening collecting bottles and glasses off the streets and helping the young and not so young people of Skipton to enjoy their evening out without coming to any harm,” she said.

Coun John Kerwin-Davey was elected as deputy mayor, Coun Chris Harbron as council leader and Coun Robert Heseltine as deputy leader.

Shadow leader for the year will be Coun Paul English, as leader of the minority Liberal Democrat group.

Committee chairmen are: finance and policy - Coun Harbron; public services - Coun Heseltine; audit and scrutiny - Coun Roland Wohlrapp; and environment and planning - Coun Paul Whitaker.