Children at Ings Community Primary School in Skipton invited past pupils from the local community to come back to school. Two girls from Year FIve at the school have written an article to update the community about how this turned out.

HERE at Ings School our head teacher (Mrs Makepeace) found an old register. This led us up to inviting the past pupils at Ings School to visit and see what our school was like nowadays. We wrote in to the Craven Herald to tell them about what we were doing…

We were looking forward to lots of people to come and join us to gather memories from their childhood at Ings School. The day came for the visitors to enjoy the mind blowing day at Ings School.

When they arrived they were given badges to wear that read ‘Visitors’. The tour guides were sent out to meet and greet the visitors and put a smile on their face.

After that we told them that there was a marvellous café, with free refreshments and nice cool drinks. They were delighted to hear this. In the café there were school pupils who were serving out tea and coffee and lots of cakes that we have made especially for the visitors.

We showed them a video that some of our present day pupils had made. The video told them about our school. They were very interested with and had a load of questions. Then, the children at Ings School asked them questions about what their childhood at Ings School was like. They told us that they didn’t have a library like we do now, and if they were naughty they would get hit with the cane on their hand or the teachers would hit it on their desk to make them jump! If they talked behind the teachers back she would get a whiteboard rubber and throw it across the classroom and it would hit the child hard on the face. We are very glad that schools aren’t like that nowadays!

They then looked at pictures of themselves which also had children from Ings School now when they were in nursery. When they had finished that, they had refreshments.

Then they sat down in our assembly and watched us walk in sensibly and quietly. They watched us in assembly and really enjoyed it.

The day had nearly ended but first we needed to say a massive thank you to our amazing visitors. They have been a lovely part of our school and we hope they had a brilliant experience at our school.

By Samrah Iqbal and Maddison Eaves (Year Five pupils at Ings CPN School, Skipton)