As the Commonwealth Games begin in Birmingham, Italian American restaurant Frankie & Benny's has created six new and bizarre burgers inspired by the games. 

The weird and wonderful burger creations incorporate traditional food and flavours from Commonwealth nations including Jamaica, India, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The strange ingredients being tested include Vegemite, Tim Tams, haggis, black pudding, grouse skin, biltong bacon, and even deep-fried burger buns.

But, currently, the unique creations are only in the trial and development phase, but depending on customer feedback during the Games, they may make a special appearance on a table near you in the future. 

See the Frankie and Benny's Commonwealth Burgers: 

The Jamaican Burger

  • Pineapple leaf bun, jerk patty with ginger cake slices, fresh pineapple, crispy plantain chips topped with Reggae jerk burger sauce and a side of fresh coconut for extra flavour

The Indian Burger

  • Naan bread buns, on a bed of crushed poppadoms, spiced lamb patty, a whole vegetable samosa with mango chutney sauce topped with a tower of crispy onion bhaji bites, drizzled with a madras jus and served with a cold Tiger beer

The Scottish Burger

  • Saltire Scottish Bun, two black pudding patties, topped with minced haggis and a grouse skin garnish, all served with a tin of Haggis and an iced Iron bru on the side

The Canadian Burger

  • Red Beetroot bun, Ketchup crisp coated patty, crunchy Maple Leaf garnish with a poured Canadian Maple Syrup jus, all served with a Caesar Cocktail on the side

The Australian

  • Hand-finished fairy bread bun, Tim Tam biscuit breaded burger patty, beetroot chunks with a good dollop of Vegemite and a can of Fosters on the side

The South African

  • A deep-fried burger bun, Kebabbed burger patties with peppers, Biltong Bacon slices with corn on the cob finished off on the braai and drizzled with garlic butter

Although customers can't get their hands on the creations just yet, you can get a special deal at the restaurants.

Ticket holders and customers will be able to enjoy a free soft drink courtesy of Frankie & Benny’s, across any of the brand’s four restaurants located in Birmingham, during the entirety of the Games.

Luana Herrmann, Marketing Director for The Restaurant Group, Leisure & Concessions, said: "We’re looking forward to having some real fun over social media and welcoming guests from home and abroad to our four Birmingham restaurants and we can’t wait to hear what our followers on social have chosen as their favourite burger.”

Find your local Frankie and Benny's via the website.