The lead star of the sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys says that he and his family owe "absolutely everything"  in their lives to the show.

Brendan O'Carroll, 68, created and stars as the title character in the BBC/RTÉ show, which has been airing episodes since 2011.

Alongside O'Carroll as Agnes Brown, the series also has several close friends and family members making up the rest of the cast.

Ahead of another festive special coming to BBC One this year, O'Carroll spoke with the PA News Agency's Jessica Rawnsley to discuss how important the show had been to his family's life.

'My god that widow has changed my life' 

Commenting on what he would buy Mrs Brown for Christmas O'Carroll mentioned getting her a villa in Spain and a Rolls Royce among other lavish gifts.

Explaining why he said: "Because my god that widow has changed my life. She’s put my kids through school, she’s put my grandkids through school. She’s bought them houses.

“If you look at Dermot who plays grandad, he was my window cleaner. Now he has got the life he deserves, that everyone deserves. Pepsi, who plays Mark, he was my roadie. My son, my daughter, my sister, my wife, my sister-in-law – we’ve all milked this widow dry.

“So I’d get her the world because we owe her everything, absolutely everything, and through her, the audience.

“You know, I never ever refuse to sign an autograph because every person that asks me for an autograph has put my kids through school and if you forget that then you’re f*****.”

Among the family members and friends who make up the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys are O'Carroll's sister Eilish who plays Mrs Brown’s best friend Winnie, and O'Carroll's wife, Jennifer Gibney who plays Mrs Brown's daughter Cathy.

The Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special comes to BBC One over the festive period.