TV doctor Michael Mosley has been found dead at the age of 67, his wife has confirmed.

His body was found with an umbrella close by beneath a fence that runs around the bar on Agia Marina beach on the Greek island of Symi around mid-morning on Sunday (June 9).

The bar is surrounded by hilly and rocky terrain that runs down to the sea.

It's around a 30-minute walk from the village of Pedi where Dr Mosley was last seen.

Dr Mosley started out his adult life as an investment banker after studying PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) at Oxford University. 

'It’s devastating to have lost Michael' says Dr Clare Bailey Mosley

In a statement, his wife Dr Clare Bailey Mosley said: “I don’t know quite where to begin with this.

“It’s devastating to have lost Michael, my wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband.

“We had an incredibly lucky life together. We loved each other very much and were so happy together.

“I am incredibly proud of our children, their resilience and support over the past days.

“My family and I have been hugely comforted by the outpouring of love from people from around the world. It’s clear that Michael meant a huge amount to so many of you.

“We’re taking comfort in the fact that he so very nearly made it. He did an incredible climb, took the wrong route and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team.

“Michael was an adventurous man, it’s part of what made him so special.

“We are so grateful to the extraordinary people on Symi who have worked tirelessly to help find him. Some of these people on the island, who hadn’t even heard of Michael, worked from dawn till dusk unasked.

“We’re also very grateful to the press who have dealt with us with great respect.

“I feel so lucky to have our children and my amazing friends. Most of all, I feel so lucky to have had this life with Michael.

“Thank you all.”

Who is Dr Michael Mosley?

The discovery comes after a major search operation began on Wednesday (June 5) on the Greek island, when his wife reported him missing.

The TV personality was last seen by friends at the Agios Nikolaos beach on Wednesday, before going for a walk.

The search effort had been widespread and included firefighters, dogs, helicopters, drones, local people and officers from Symi and outside the island.

Emergency crews called off the search on Saturday evening (June 8) as night fell due to the mountainous area they have been searching being too dangerous to explore at night, but it resumed on Sunday morning.

The bar on Agia Marina beach is surrounded by hilly and rocky terrainThe bar on Agia Marina beach is surrounded by hilly and rocky terrain (Image: Yui Mok/PA)

Greek authorities shifted their focus to the area after CCTV footage from a house at the edge of a small marina in the village of Pedi showed the presenter walking towards a mountainous path at about 2pm local time on Wednesday.

New footage released on Saturday also appeared to show Dr Mosley walking unimpeded with an umbrella near to the marina.

Dr Mosley leaves behind his wife, also a doctor, author and health columnist and their four children.

He was known for appearing on television programmes including This Morning and The One Show offering his well-respected health advice.

Dr Mosley also hosted the Just One Thing health podcast for the BBC, where he “revealed scientifically proven top tips to change your life”.

Dr Michael Mosley was on holiday with his wife on the Greek island of SymiDr Michael Mosley was on holiday with his wife on the Greek island of Symi (Image: BBC)

The British TV presenter was famously credited for the Fast 800 diet, also known as the 5:2 diet which involves fasting for two days per week.

It claims to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer and is a combination of “intermittent fasting and a Mediterranean-style eating plan” plus optional meal replacement shakes.

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“The plan starts with a rapid weight loss phase: this lasts between two and 12 weeks, during which you follow a daily 800-calorie eating plan,” explains BBC Good Food.

The award-winning broadcaster did the Channel 4 show Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? and was part of the BBC series Trust Me, I’m A Doctor.

He also lived with tapeworms in his guts for six weeks for the documentary Infested! Living With Parasites on BBC Four.