Over 100 new ultra speed cameras are being trialled on roads in the UK. 

There are now around 7000 cameras around the UK 's road network, and in 2022 they resulted in the prosecution of 245,043 people – the highest figure since records began. 

The Jenoptik VECTOR-SR is the latest in speed camera tech. It can catch drivers speeding on either side of the road, and see inside cars.

This means it can catch drivers who aren't wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone while driving.

The cameras don't flash either, so it might be difficult for motorists to tell if they've been caught. 

Louise Thomas, a motor insurance expert at Confused.com, said: “Ultra speed cameras are a big advance in comparison to the standard speed camera which many drivers are used to. Not only will these cameras be able to detect drivers speeding on either side of the road, but they're also able to see inside driver's vehicles too.

"That's as it uses technology to see if drivers are wearing their seatbelt or if they're breaking driving laws, such as using their mobile phone or other handheld devices.

“Some drivers might be concerned about these new cameras being an invasion of their privacy, but their purpose is to keep all road users safe.

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"These cameras can reduce the risk of distracted driving, which tie in with important changes made to the Highway Code earlier in the year. This included changes to how drivers use technology in their cars while driving, and harsher punishments for those who don't follow the new rules.

“Driving while distracted could lead to fines, points or even prosecution. For example, using your phone when behind the wheel could result in a £200 fine and up to 6 points on your license.

"So although the introduction of ultra cameras might be an annoyance to some, their purpose is to ultimately make our roads safer and to reduce the risk of drivers facing punishments as a result.”