AS the grandson of Charles Butchart, whose sister, Ms Amy Kynoch Butchart was the subject of the article ( Scottish nurse adopted by Skipton, remembered for WW1 service, Craven Herald online January 3) could I mention two corrections to the article.

On the arrival in Skipton of Amy and her sister, Maggie, they were only accompanied by their mother, who was by then a widow, after being a second wife. The father, already deceased, did not accompany them from their home in Edinburgh.

Of interest, is that my grandfather's stepbrother, from his stepfather's first marriage, having emigrated to British Columbia, founded the world famous Butchart Gardens, having turned his former quarry into that beautiful botanical site aa a bequest to his wife.

My Mother did indeed serve in the WAAF from the start of WW II until the end of 1942, when required to leave the service due to her pregnancy of her eldest child (me), but both she and my deceased father, might take issue with the spelling of our surname, which is actually "Livingston" without an "e".

Alastair James Butchart Livingston

Zagreb, Croatia