THIS week's picture shows the 1965 Burnsall Feast Sports Committee, taken in the Red Lion garden.

The Feast pre-dates Elizabethan times, with the famed fell race being introduced around 1870, with the first report in the Craven Herald in 1882. The sports are held on the first Saturday after the first Sunday after August 12.

Only three on this picture survive.

The line-up is, from the left: Basil Crabtree (now living in Threshfield), who organised children’s events, Maurice Levin, David Green (living in Appleby), Dennis Manby, John Hinchliffe, Edgar Short (front), Will Weatherhead (behind), Jack Whitley, Alec Knowles Fitton, Jack Barnard, Philip Pethybridge, David Joy (living in Hebden), Jim Falshaw, Michael Windle.

Those not on the picture included David Smith (secretary), Leonard Horton (clerk of the course) and Peter Weatherhead.