THIS week's nostalgia picture shows pupils at Kildwick School in 1970-1971.

It has been loaned by Joanne Currie (formerly Walmsley) who recalls it was taken at the "rec" across the road.

"It was a brilliant school" said Joanne. "The headmistress was Miss Brown and she was the best teacher I ever had. She loved children and wanted the very best for them."

The line up is: from the left, back row - Mrs Wheatstone, Nigel ?, Sharron Cunningham, Harry Whiteoak, Vanda Horner, Tim Dunn, Angela Welsh, Anthony Brown, Jennifer Dunn, Mark Addison, Jean Akrigg, Michael Riley, Miss Brown.

Third row: Mrs Armstrong, Lynn Goldsborough, Neil Goldsborough, Mandy Wass, Tim Mason, Gillian Snowdon, Peter Wass, Beverley Addison, Ian Stronach, ?, ?. Gillian Townsend, Chris Rouse, Alison Fastenfelt, ?, Brian Mandich, Jim Akrigg, Mrs Annan.

Second row: Andrew Stronach, Gillian Rouse, Craig Wilkinson, Mandy Cooper, Jeremy Hagar, Julie Rouse, ? Hannon, ?, ?, Jacqueline Hill, ?, Jane Hagar, ? Hannon, Elizabeth Hagar. ? Lund, Helen Crossley, Jayne Walmsley, Graham Mason.

Front row: Joanne Walmsley, Kevin Ideson, Nigel Snowdon, Jonathan Hagar, Anthony Bains, Steven Addison, Chris Tompkins, ?, Jennifer Walmsley, Phyllis Akrigg, Zoe Taylor