WITH the Queen's official birthday fast approaching, this week's nostalgia picture is particularly timely.

It shows youngsters at Sutton-in-Craven County Primary School at the time of the Queen's coronation in June 1953.

It has been loaned by Frances Young, formerly Hayton.

The line-up is, from the left, back row: Barry Turnbull, John Steele, Kenneth Broadhead, Frank Morrel, Peter Leather, ?, John Wilson, Roy Ashowrth, ?, Kenneth Allsop, Stuart Thomas.

Third row: teacher Rebecca Wilson, ?, Norah Warin, Jean Reay, Marjorie Birtley, Christine Briggs, Valerie Fryers, Audrey Masters, Frances Hayton, Rita Edmondson, Christine Hodgson, Janet Simons, headteacher Sydney Laycock.

Second row: Jean Earle, Hazel Snowden, ?, Stephanie Shuttleworth, Noreen Hughes, ?, ?, Anne Currie, Anne Volantine, Kathryn Townend, Julie Dickinson, Gillian Brown.

Front row: Eric Brown, Fred Butterworth, Nigel ?, Philip Baker, Ivan Monkhouse.