A MUSICAL interlude this week thanks to a picture of Fred Hudson and his Band submitted by Sheila Coe, of Skipton. It is not known when or where the concert took place, though it appears to have been probably the late 1950s or early 1960s. Mrs Coe thinks the venue was likely to have been either 'The Welfare', at the top of Cavendish Street, for a Saturday night dance, or the Clifford Hall. Can anyone identify it by the backdrop behind the band? The vocalist, says Mrs Coe, was Wendy Tennant, later Mrs Birdsall, and the pianist, just to the left of Wendy, was Mrs Coe's late father-in-law Billy Coe. If you have a picture for this feature, please send it, with your name and address, some brief details, and a daytime telephone number if possible, by email to news@cravenherald.co.uk, or by post to Reporters, Craven Herald, 38 High Street, Skipton BD23 1 JU.