Chief Inspector Simon Lovell is right to warn people about the impact the Tour will have on our communities.

We firmly believe it’s a great coup for the area – as not only will it be a fantastic spectacle it will also do wonders for the local economy.

It will also probably inspire a whole new generation of cyclists, and with this comes not only health benefits but also the possibility that Yorkshire will produce yet more Olympic heroes.

But those living along the route need to be aware just how big this event is. And most importantly, they need to be prepared.

It attracts more attention and visitors than any other event in the world. And with Britain’s love of a good sporting spectacle – and especially Yorkshire – the numbers of people descending on our area will be huge.

People need to be prepared to make changes and allowances for the disruption they’ll face. Transport routes in and out of certain villages will be cut off. In some places, people will need to pitch up the night before to guarantee a good viewing space.

Simple every day things like getting to work will require patience and planning. So heed Chief Insp Lovell’s words and try to keep up to date with what’s going on.

Will it be worth all the hassle, cost and disruption?

Absolutely. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will be the biggest and best advertisement Craven and the Dales will ever have.

So let’s show the world how we do things.