EARLY next year, double yellow lines will be introduced on the Gargrave Road entrance to Skipton.

North Yorkshire County Council hopes it will stop drivers from parking on the road and causing problems for other road users.

Now, Craven District Council looks set to start charging for short-term parking at nearby Craven Pool and Fitness Centre. The council already charges for long-term parking, but it is rarely enforced and only £8 was paid during three months earlier this year.

The council says it needs to tackle abuse of the car park, to stop people from Craven College, Skipton Academy and HML parking there for nothing and taking up spaces meant for bona-fide visitors to the leisure centre. It is unclear yet what system will be chosen, but it seems with enforcement by traffic warden already proved unworkable, a barrier of some sort, or pay and display machine, with genuine users reimbursed, are the most likely solutions.

And that raises the question, what impact it will have on the current success of the leisure centre? The council has said bona-fide users must not be inconvenienced and will be reimbursed for any sum of money they may have to pay out. But just how many will want to stand in a queue at the already busy reception?

It is also unclear whether general park users will be reimbursed, all of those going to the popular skatepark for example, or just the dog walkers, who currently park for free. Will they, too, be able to go to reception and get their money back?

At just 50p for an hour, most will probably take a look at the queue at reception and think not, along with all those members who currently have no need to stop at the desk. All of which will end in the happy result for the council of raising additional revenue.

But the real elephant in the room is parking in Skipton. That is what needs to be addressed. Double yellow lines and new parking charges will not solve the problem, it will just move it elsewhere.