In this week’s Herald there is an invitation to become a town councillor in Settle.

It may not be the high end of politics, but, and have no doubt, it is equally important as a vehicle for residents to get their voices heard.

Town and parish councillors may be in the lowest tier of local government, but their actions can help make change in an area they live in.

What’s more, contrary to popular belief, they are not paid for the work they do, for the hours they spend replying to people’s queries, for being tapped on the shoulder while doing their shopping, or for taking part in scores of committee meetings throughout the year.

Nevertheless, they are a committed band of people who give many hours of their time to the work of their community and are a regular source of information for residents who need some advice or direction on matters which are important to them.

Settle Town Council has two such vacancies after two councillors stepped down from the committee.

Anyone living in the town who feels they want to be able to make a difference and have many ideas up their sleeve to help make the town a better place to live in can apply to be co-opted into the fold.

You can then get your teeth into making a difference in the town.