IT’S been a strange and difficult year for everyone, but not least our school and college students who have missed months of learning in a classroom setting.

Much of the focus has been put on those completing their A levels and GCSEs.

That is all behind us now, hopefully.

After the debacle with the A levels and the uproar a failed algorithm caused, and subsequent U-turn on teacher-submitted results, the GCSEs appeared to go without a hitch.

Indeed, schools have been basking in some terrific results with youngsters now able to go on and take their chosen A levels or other forms of further education.

We wish all the youngsters well in their chosen path while hoping the younger children about to rejoin school after many months of being out of the classroom, well also.

We must all remain patient as we wait out this pandemic.

No one knows for sure if we are to get the dreaded ‘second wave’ or not or even, if we do, whether it will be as devastating or debilitating as the first wave.

There are a lot of questions still on people’s lips but until we know the answers we must listen to the science,

We are told children will be safe back at school so let’s hope so.