SINCE the start of the year we have been running a monthly feature named Salt of the Earth which has highlighted some of the heroic efforts members of our community go to to make others’ lives better.

From patrolling the streets of Skipton at weekends as part of a Street Angels group, to people collecting food to hand out to those who have fallen on hard times, and residents banding together to help the vulnerable access services and essential items during the coronavirus pandemic; these people are the unsung heroes of the district.

Our feature, run in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council, aims to draw attention to these community champions who are themselves often quiet, retiring members of the public who do what they do because they want to, not for the glory.

By highlighting their efforts we emphasise the benefits helping others who are less off financially or with physical limitations can bring, not just to the receiver, but to the deliverer too.

Someone who volunteers their time with no monetary benefit does so because they want to; often without fanfare.

Whether it’s joining a litter-picking group, offering to do someone’s shopping or taking their dog for a walk because they struggle, can achieve just as much joy as that help which is offered.