THERE has been a strong message emerge from the strike that has begun among Rolls Royce workers in Barnoldswick over plans to move some production to Singapore.

That message is that should 350 workers’ jobs go, then that is 350 fewer wages to support an already struggling economy.

Not all Rolls Royce workers spend in Barnoldswick, but many do and those 350 positions could be the difference between staying open or shutting for good for some small businesses.

Whether Rolls Royce has reneged on a promise to protect jobs or what the future of the site holds is not for this paper to debate.

What we do feel for is the workforce, many of whom do live locally and who face a bleak future.

Christmas is just around the corner and we are currently in the throes of a second hard lockdown. It couldn’t be a more traumatic time.

There is hope on the horizon with news a vaccine is proving effective in trials, but that doesn’t affect the here and now. and what is happening almost on our doorstep.

Many businesses are struggling as it is, particularly those in the hospitality area which has been the hardest hit of all. Should the worst happen, then there won’t be many jobs around. Only time will reveal the outcome.