OUR Craven community has been through a lot of the past few months.

We endured a lengthy lockdown in spring and early summer, a myriad of social and trade restrictions over the summer and into autumn and are now in the middle of a second lockdown which will take us up to early December.

While we hope some of these tight restrictions will be lifted within a few weeks, there are still organisations out there who are trying to continue their good work and literally fighting for survival.

One such is Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice. A place of end of life care which has helped many Craven families through its care of one or more of their family members.

Before the coronavirus crisis, the hospice went about its expert business with regular fundraising events raising money to keep it going.

Earlier in the year it announced a funding crisis when those who had planned to raise money suddenly couldn’t fulfil their promise for social distancing reasons.

A huge amount of support came forward and the hospice was helped immensely.

Now, however, Manorlands is looking to beyond next summer when it knows it will be struggling once again. Hopefully people will again answer its call and help keep this vital facility open.