READERS will see an eclectic mix of news in our pages each week, from fluffy pets to serious crimes, from ancient monuments being documented using laser technology to wild ponies being introduced to eat unwanted weeds.

Among all the news there is generally some community-spirited story of someone who has gone ‘that extra mile’ to coin a cliche.

The Herald has been running monthly features in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council to highlight those who, through acts of kindness and humiliation, help others so they enjoy life.

These acts ultimately rub off on others and the knock-on effect is that the need to help the less fortunate or simply raise people’s spirits is ongoing.

Our Salt of the Earth features have identified someone or some group each month that does just that and it has been humbling to see the lengths they go to to ensure someone’s day is a good one.

While we all try and cope with lockdown and any further restrictions we will have to deal with when it is lifted, we should remind ourselves that it is only a temporary ‘blip’ in our lives and there is every hope that a normal life will resume in the near future.

Until then, we hope our features have inspired acts of kindness. After all, a smile and a friendly word costs nothing.