EVERYONE and his dog seems to have been shouting from the rooftops this week about the need to knuckle down and see this, hopefully final, lockdown to the door.

Every news bulletin, social media site, newspaper, even the odd magazine bears the message to stay at home to save lives and protect the NHS.

The message is doubtless being heard, but whether it is being fully adhered to is another matter.

This week we report on the exasperation of the police who were called when a couple, from out of the district, decided to get in their car and drive several miles in order to go for a walk up Ingleborough.

Whether they enjoyed the experience is not known because they got lost on the hill in the process.

Doubtless they knew they should not have travelled in their car, passing by other recreation areas to exercise, just to walk in the fresh air. But they did anyway and it ended in their need to be rescued.

Another police message on a social media site very succinctly put it: “The Dales beauty spots will still be here after lockdown ends.” In other words, be patient and wait until it is over. Just because you hear of other people visiting a spot doesn’t mean you are missing out.

The Dales will be ready to welcome you with open arms again when it is safe.