IT was with great sadness this week that we brought the news to readers of the death of respected district and county councillor and national park member Richard Welch.

Richard was 67 and for coming up to 23 of those years he had dedicated his life outside work to North Craven residents, particularly those in his Penyghent ward; a role he had carried out since 1998.

He could be outspoken at times, but always in something he believed in. He carried out his council and national park duties with gusto and determination.

Saying he ‘went the extra mile’, or went ‘over and above’ the call of duty are cliches we would usually avoid but in regard to him they are correct.

I for one have phoned him on a council matter only to interrupt his sunbathing time on a beach in some far off place. He was happy to help.

On other occasions he would regularly chase up queries in his council ‘in-box’ as well as deal with messages on his personal social media site.

He was a councillor through and through and any local authority problem brought to his table by a resident of his ward was treated seriously and followed up with the relevant people.

He fought against things he didn’t believe in and fought for things which would enhance lives in his ward. He will be sorely missed by many people.