WE’RE told that coming out of lockdown is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint, to quote a popular and well-used cliche.

But there are signs things are resuming. Non-essential shops along with other enterprises will be flinging open their doors from next week - gardens as far as pubs are concerned - and people will feel slightly less restricted.

What most people are wanting is to enjoy some freedom and social engagement so it is fantastic to hear that Skipton has been chosen to stage a huge three-day music festival in August, suitable for all the family, with some big names to boot.

The organisers have thought it out well. They say they are conscious of the need of businesses to benefit from increased footfall. There will be no camping and they are encouraging people to book accommodation locally to help out B&Bs which have been devoid of income for the best part of a year.

Restaurants, cafes and other local attractions will all be used by the many thousands of people expected to come along.

Of course such events put the area on the map and people generally come back for visits at later dates.

Let’s hope that those who come along respect our district and take their empty packaging home after enjoying their picnics in Aireville Park.