SO far this month we’ve had almost everything thrown at us weather-wise: wind, frost, snow, hail, thunder and lightning, some sunshine, copious amounts of rain (along with flooding) but no fog to speak of. We’ve also had to suffer lower than average temperatures.

But we are a resilient breed, here in Craven, and generally take what is dealt with the knowledge things can always get better.

One example of such patience is the slow re-opening of hospitality and non-essential shops ad businesses.

They are a welcome return though Skipton has been perpetually busy with folk since after the first lockdown. At least now they will have somewhere other than chemists and supermarkets to spend their money.

And, in another two weeks time, there will be another shop to browse, but as yet we don’t know what it is going to be.

The former Age UK charity shop in Otley Street is being refurbished and will open a week on Monday as.......?

Apparently there will be a clue in the window today, Thursday, but apart from that we are told it is going to be a pop-up type shop, with cake, coffee, tastings and the like. The mystery has caused a stir.

We have no idea who will be taking it over as those working in there have been sworn to secrecy. We look forward to the grand reveal.