I WAS thinking the other day back to last year when in no uncertain terms we were told to stay at home and only to leave for very specific reasons.

I remember how remarkable it was that, at the beginning anyway, we by and large took notice of that and the streets were on the whole deserted.

Maybe it’s what is called living with Covid-19, but it seems to me that we are at a different place now.

We are not being told precisely what to do anymore, but rather we are being presented with choices and are asked to make up our own minds. That’s certainly a far more mature expectation, but sometimes it can be so much easier to be told what to do, rather than to have to make your own choice!

So as we face choices in the coming weeks and months, what can help us to make the right choices?

As a Christian I would say that we make the right choices by doing what we are told by Jesus Christ in the great commandment to “Worship God and to Love our Neighbour as Ourselves”. Because in that very simple formula there is the means to look at who we are in the great scheme of the story of humanity (whether we choose to accept God or not) and hopefully to rejoice in who we are; and then to act accordingly. Valuing ourselves then the choices we make will of course be for our own good and at the same time for the good of others.

Mgr Andrew Summersgill

St Stephen’s