THERE are likely to be rumblings and grumblings ahead after another plan for housing has been lodged in the district.

This time the scheme is in Grassington - a 23-home plan to include four affordable flats.

Several points are likely to be a matter of debate here, one is the land is classed as greenfield and agricultural land, the other is whether local people will be able to afford the ‘affordable homes’.

As greenfield spaces go, everywhere was greenfield at one time until it was built on. Look at the Raikes area of Skipton, for example. What was open fields before the PoW camp was built - and demolished - is mostly housing, providing homes for people.

Affordable housing is a misnomer in many cases. It often is still too expensive for many young people to get on the housing ladder. Perhaps more social housing could be provided, but this could cut the developers’ profits.

What does need to be looked at, however, is the infrastructure of towns and villages which are already groaning from the increase in developments over the years. An increase in traffic on poorly-maintained roads, strain on medical practices and hospitals. These areas need addressing to accommodate a growing population.