IMAGINE the pride you must feel to have been chosen to come up with a song to accompany a sport-oriented documentary being shown in the lead-up to and in support of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

That has happened to one of our own, Skipton musician and former busker Alex Johnson-Seymour, who has entertained residents and visitors for many years.

Alex befriended a group of Chinese masters students several years ago when they asked him to contribute to a busking documentary they were creating.

One of that same group has since been in touch and asked him to make another contribution but this time a documentary on a much larger scale for Beijing-based cable TV company CGTN.

There has been a lot of controversy over China in the recent past, but they know talent when they see/hear it and Alex was obviously no exception.

Despite being up against the odds, timewise, he pulled out the stops and created the piece of work with the help of trusted musician friends and the use of reasonably nearby (Sheffield) professional music studios.

Between them they collaborated, agreed, researched, got down to work and in little time with a bit of re-writing, overlaying and mixing, produced a piece of work the new outlet in Beijing loved. There was even talk of it being made available on Chinese TikTok.

It is an achievement to be proud of and one that will sit well on Alex’s CV , but as he is a Skipton lad, we may be a little biased.