WE who live and work in Craven have a lot of be proud of.

While on the surface, the district presents itself as a ‘fairly’ quiet rural idyll with quaint market towns where time seems to trot on at a leisurely pace. Underneath the surface, however, are countless individuals and groups working assiduously for the betterment of their organisation, business, charity, and, just as importantly, we residents.

As we prepare to tear off the final bonds of Covid restrictions and settle into a new ‘normal’ many village events, kept on hold, are now surfacing. Groups who were unable to meet are finally reintroduced and events calendars are beginning to fill up.

Take a look at the neighbourhood news pages and you will see a myriad of events and gatherings covering everything from social group meetings to history society gatherings, jumble sales to the latest theatre offerings.

There are fundraising events to keep the Dales Bus wheels turning and a 50th anniversary of May Day celebrations which have been on hold for two years.

As well as the forthcoming Queen’s platinum jubilee festivities, there is much going on in Craven with a lot of people giving of their spare time. If you have time, go along to some of them. You may be surprised.