COVID is going this week. Not, as we would all like, as in disappearing completely, but our Prime Minister has relaxed all the rules in order to give us our lives back and start living with the virus among us.

There are two (if not several) ways of looking at this. From a commerce point of view it is better news for the economy and from an education viewpoint, it means children’s schooling will not be disrupted as much as it was, thus aiding mental health.

However, for the vulnerable among us, some are concerned the relaxation of rules could herald apathy from some. We will not have to self-isolate if we have covid symptoms. Unless we pay for our own tests we won’t know if we are infected as the free later flow tests for all are wound up. For instance, How many people before the pandemic would go into work with a mild cold? Quite a lot, I’d say.

No, Covid will probably never go away, but for those already vaccinated the chances of becoming very ill are minimised. Those who chose not to be jabbed (I know a few and respect their reasons) may or may not become ill. I hope not.

For the 12-15-year-olds being urged to get jabs this holiday (CH page 6), I say let them make their own minds up. For everyone else, I’d say, enjoy your ‘freedom’ but think of others who feel less confident. Don’t visit gran or a sick friend if you have cold-like symptoms.

Let’s just be sensible and start looking forwards again.