COVID had taken many casualties over the past two years, and not only through illness.

Skipton Street Angels has announced it is disbanding. The group of volunteers have been pounding the town’s streets on Saturday nights for the past 13 years.

They have carried out their community duty through all weathers with a smile and reassuring presence for those enjoying a night out.

The Angels watch out for people on their own who may be vulnerable, call emergency services if they are needed and are always there to engage in conversation.

Street Angels look out for glasses or bottles left around which could become a weapon and dispose of them safely. They keep a watchful eye out for lone people at cash machines and will even make sure someone gets to their taxi or minicab safely.

I once went out the Street Angels around Bradford. It was Builders’ Friday and it was manic. People were ‘very merry’ but they treated Street Angels like long lost friends. They are held in high regard in every town or city they patrol in. It is sad that Skipton has lost its group after momentum was lost during Covid. We salute the sterling work they did to keep people safe.