WE feature a letter on our letter’s page this week from a Craven resident who was astounded to see so many ‘filled’ and discarded dog poo bags within a short distance while walking on Whernside; 15 to be precise within a half-mile stretch.

And while anyone can be commended for talking their dog on a scenic walk, it is astounding that someone - quite a few as it turns out - heads to our beauty spots to enjoy the unspoilt surroundings, only to spoil them by leaving behind their dog’s deposit in a plastic bag. The fact it is in a bag at the side of the path seems even more stomach-churning than seeing an untouched dollop.

It’s okay to say there are no dog poo bins on the peak to place the bag in, but in a counter response it is fairly safe to say that when you’re out and about with your pooch it is likely to want to ‘go’ at some point. Whether there is a bin there is irrelevant. It should be all part of the day’s planning that when poochie has a poo, you pick the deposit up and take it with you until you find a bin. If you don’t want to, then don’t take your dog there and instead stick to more urban routes where bins are more frequent.

Double or even triple-bag your pet’s calling card and take it home. Or even carry it for that matter. On a cold day it would keep your hands warm. It’s your dog, after all.

And yes, I am a dog-lover. I just never let anyone see what my dog ever had for dinner the night before.