WHEN many of us were younger we played pretty dangerously. We made ice slides in the school playground in winter, climbed trees without a safety net, slid down tall slides in play parks which didn’t even have sides on them and roller skated on main roads. Generally we were out from dawn ‘til dark with no fear of danger.

So where does safety begin and end?

This week it has been noted that youngsters are using an ‘unofficial’ play area on land near Waltonwrays which is adjacent to a site earmarked for houses. Only the houses are not there yet and some people are concerned the play area, granted as part of planning permission, is too remote and near a busy road.

It is unclear, too - that as the play area has not been ‘signed off’ by the council because it has not been notified of its completion - who, if anyone, has responsibility at this moment in time in the event of injuries caused by the play equipment (the equipment looks top quality by the way) or if, heaven forbid, a child is attacked or knocked down on the slip road.

Should something be done to force its notification to the council and have it patrolled by wardens or the like, or should we trust the judgement of those who are using it to be sensible and have parents and guardians accept responsibility for their own children’s safety and safeguarding.

A lot of equipment has gone into the construction of the playground and it will be a huge asset to families in the housing development when it is built, but its popularity is obvious from everyone who is using it now.