WE rarely blow our own trumpet but on this occasion we shall.

It may have seemed a little 'last minute', but the Craven Herald and Pioneer newspaper was handed a Legacy Award at the very last meeting of Craven District Council, on March 30.

The district council has now ended and has now merged, along with half a dozen other local authorities, into a new unitary authority - North Yorkshire Council.

At the meeting the chair, Cllr Simon Myers, handed out awards to citizens and organisations who had benefited the district in some way.

The official list had been printed earlier but we got wind there was to be a late nomination for a recpient to be added. Indeed, the rumour was true.

During the evening Cllr Myers told invited guests at Skipton Town Hall: "I would like to nominate an addition for a legacy award and that is to the Craven Herald and Pioneer which for almost 170 years has reported on local democracy to the residents of Craven.

"Without the Craven Herald we would not get the message out. It's reported on the good we've done, it's reported on the bad we've done."

The Herald's last two remaining reporters were, nonetheless, delighted to receive the award for 'exemplary work which has benefitted the Craven district' on behalf of ourselves and all our predecessors.