WE'VE known for a long time now we are an ageing population - and here in Craven, we are more 'ageing' than in other parts of the country, whether we like it or not.

It was getting onto 10 years ago when the then new idea of 'Extra-Care' living was established in Craven with Limestone View in Settle. Purpose built accommodation encouraged older people to live independent lives as long as possible, but with 24-hour care staff on call, if needed.

The Settle scheme was followed by one in Skipton, and the policy has been adopted by North Yorkshire Council as a better way to care for our elderly - in fact for the over-50s.

In Gargrave, Neville House care home - an 'old-style' home, albeit very small, will close shortly and at some point, if plans go ahead, another Extra-Care facility will be built in the village, off Eshton Road - on a council owned site already allocated for a care facility.

People in the village have around a week to have their say about the facility -whether they think its a good idea, whether they would want to live there, and whether it should have a community hub, including a hair salon, or bistro perhaps.

It should however be noted, and for all of us who have experienced what it is like to have a relative with dementia, as nice as these Extra-Care schemes are, not all have the kind of care needed for someone living with dementia - so, they are not a 'forever home'.