IT is very good news for Skipton that 76 per cent of the 417 businesses in the town who were given a vote in the BID ballot said 'yes' to another five years.

Interestingly, it seems the businesses with lower rateable values came out in support - as although 76 per cent were in favour; that 76 per cent represented 66 per cent of the total rateable value of business premises in the town.

All businesses, with a rateable value of £6,000 and above will pay an annual levy of 1.5 per cent to the BID, raising around £1million over the next five years which will be used to fund projects and events aimed at making the town more attractive and safe for residents, businesses and visitors.

We know Skipton Building Society, a higher levy rate payer, is a supporter of the BID, and voted 'yes' in the ballot; we know North Yorkshire Council, another higher rate payer, abstained from the vote; saying it wanted it to be down to the public; what we do not know for sure is how the town's two major supermarkets voted.

The Craven Herald asked both Tesco and Morrison's while the month-long ballot was taking place how they would be voting - Morrisons came back with a (useless) off the record comment, and then clammed up; while Tesco said it did not want to comment while voting was taken place.

Now that the voting is over, the Herald asked both supermarkets again - and still no answer. Disappointing indeed; however, one would imagine if they had voted 'yes' they would be keen to announce it from the tree-tops.