HOW is it that the daffodils in Addingham always know when it’s Easter?

No matter what the date. That’s what they say.

Perhaps it’s just the same where you are?

A stunning display of golds, creams, yellows and white appear in swathes throughout the village, a cheery reminder that spring is here.

It’s been a challenging winter and the weather still remains unsettled and unpredictable.

Yet these bulbs, which have remained dormant beneath the surface all winter, emerge faithfully on cue to remind us that there is always hope.

Hope of new life, new beginnings and new possibilities.

As Rogation is approaching, the time when the land is blessed, we give thanks for those who work on the land and for all those who till the soil and plant the seeds.

Jesus’ parable of the sower is a reminder of the sowing and planting that is essential for a harvest.

The parable tells us how a sower went out to sow seed, some fell on the path, other seeds fell on rocky ground, other seeds fell among thorns, other seeds fell on good soil and only the good soil produced a harvest.

There are two questions to ask ourselves from this.

What kind of soil are we?

And as we also are the seed sowers, what seeds are we sowing?

Are we planting seeds of peace, love, joy, encouragement, and hope?

The world is God’s field, God’s beautiful creation, but we are stewards of this and so our important job is to look after the world and the people in it.

What are we doing to make our contribution to enrich the world, in practical, prayerful and productive ways?