I refer to the letter from David Blackburne (“Land errors in plan”, Craven Herald, May 12) and in particular the paragraph stating that Airedale NHS has put the whole site of Castleberg Hospital in for possible redevelopment.
It is not so many months back when I attended as a member of the public their scheduled meeting at the Victoria Hall, Settle. During the course of this meeting someone enquired of the chairman the trust’s intentions with regard to the Castleberg site. The answer was an unequivocal: “The trust has no plans to close Castleberg Hospital”. It would appear that someone is telling porkies.
Many years back I attended a packed house at the Victoria Hall when it was quite clear that Airedale NHS had every intention of closing Castleberg. I was one of many who had their say but the day was won by the local GP practice led from the front by the indomitable Doctor Barry Brewster. I remember thinking then that I should not have liked to have been on the receiving end of his vituperation. Sadly a repeat performance is now beyond Doctor Brewster.
Castleberg is a wonderful facility which we in Settle and Gigglewick should defend to our utmost. I know of many who have spent their last days here close to their friends and relatives, the last of my friends being the late great WR (Bill) Mitchell.
Townhead Avenue, Settle

CAN I share the concern of Tracey Stewart, Jim Hope and Beryl James about the loss of the blood transfusion service from Settle (Craven Herald letters, April 28 and May 12)?
Having worked as a manager in the NHS all my life and now just about to move to Settle, I understand the pressure that NHS authorities are under.
Yes, NHS services do need to be economic, but they also need to be efficient. It’s no use having an economic service if it cannot do the job it should be doing.
Large centres such Leeds or Bradford are always going to be able to be more economical per head of population than small rural towns. In the same way as say the South East will always come out on top in respect of flood defences - as the population of Hebden Bridge know only too well.
The argument that demand is falling is a false one; large incidents are inevitable over a period of time and every possible donor will be required. Necessary blood can be moved around the country successfully.
Finally it sends out a message to rural communities that they are not really wanted. Let’s hope that the Transfusion service pause their plans for at least six months and look again.
Pant Lane, Austwick

MAY I draw the attention of your readers to a potential danger?
I was walking home from the town centre along Keighley Road, Skipton. As I crossed the central island at Cross Street I could see that there was no traffic coming towards me so, knowing that there is no right turn from behind me, stepped into the road. A vehicle, having just crossed the bridge – past four signs clearly stating that there is no right turn – just stopped in time to avoid hitting me.
The reason they gave for turning was that there is not a No Entry sign at the end of Cross Street, which is to be expected as it is not a No Entry street; traffic can turn in left coming down Keighley Road. A witness who knows the driver and family concerned told me that they are a nice couple who would not deliberately be dangerous.
I have, therefore, not made any report but I do make this plea: will all drivers please follow instructions given by road signs, however foolish/wrong/pointless they deem such signs to be. They are there for a purpose. I was still shaken when I arrived home.

I THINK now, as I did in the lead-up to the original EU Referendum in 1975, that there are significant points to be made on both sides of the argument.
What finally settles the matter for me, however, is my fear of what may happen if governments like our present one, remain in power for prolonged periods, freed from the constraints placed on them by our being members of the EU. To give yet more powers to politicians who think they know more about the health of the nation than doctors do, more about disability than disabled people themselves do, and more about education than teachers do, fills me with dread.
The European Union has a good record on human rights in general, and on workers’ rights in particular. In my view these things are too important to be put at risk.
Fallowfield, Skipton

I WANT to write and thank the residents of Upper Wharfedale for electing me as their councillor on the Craven District Council in last week’s election. I look forward to working with the communities of Upper Wharfedale.
Upper Wharfedale ward
Town Head, Grassington

I JUST wanted to thank all the artists who participated in the Craven Arts Day on April 23.
It was an inspiration for my family.
We particularly enjoyed mono-printing and machine-knitting. Both activities were firsts for the children, and we felt the artists spent so much time explaining the process and helping the children to have a hands-on experience of the art form.
The range of workshops and venues made it an excellent way to spend a Saturday in Skipton. We will all look forward with anticipation to the next one.