IN the light of recent racist attacks following the referendum, we wanted to let you know that there are many people doing their best to offer the hand of friendship to international people.
We are volunteer hosts for HOST UK and occasionally have the pleasure of a weekend visit from adult international students, who are studying at UK universities. It’s a wonderful way for us to learn about different cultures, but also for the students to experience a friendly welcome and to receive a positive taste of British culture.
The work of HOST has always been very important, but it is even more so following these very sad events.
We would urge anyone interested in doing their part to show solidarity and friendship to international people to get in touch with HOST UK at or call 0207 7396292. We can all do out part to make this country, and the world, a little friendlier.
Hall Croft, Skipton

I FEEL the volunteers that work so hard to make the Grassington Festival the success it is should be commended.
A few of my neighbours are volunteers and their commitment to the festival is very humbling to observe. Night after night, day after day, they set off to do their role.
The whole event is so well organised and it is a proud moment when such a large, successful event is planned by local people in a small village.
I went to the last evening in the marquee and every detail had been so well planned. The bar just flowed – they had organised this very well, a bit like a post office queue in that you waited until a bar person was free before entering the tent to be served.
The food from Grassington House was fantastic and there was a lovely hot drink stand that had to cope with the elements to keep the tent secure, but they did this in a very upbeat manner. The volunteers stood in the wind, cold and rain for a long time to ensure the safety and security of everyone was paramount. I take my hat off to you all thank you very much.
Hebden Hall Park, Hebden

I READ with interest your articles on the 1940s weekend at Ingleton – Crowds are thrilled by air spectacle as forties event is hailed a success (Craven Herald, July 7).
Your photographs show many people having a spiffing time as resistance fighters and members of the Gestapo.
I wonder how the jolly crowd would react if, like the ghost soldiers of the First World War, there appeared in their midst those resistance fighters tortured by the Gestapo and a few ghost figures from the concentration camps. I’m sure this would not be quite be so jolly and upset those of a sensitive nature, who see the economic benefits of a rose-tinted weekend.
Of course I was not at Ingleton so may have missed other aspects. Are we in danger of forgetting the true cost of conflict, or is it far “nicer” to have a “selective” memory?
Esp Lane, Barnoldswick

THE turbulent, sad time of Brexit; Jo Cox; resignations; political double-dealing – sometimes you wonder if it’s worth getting up of a morning.
But on June 29, the wonderful, varied display of Morris dancing outside the King’s Arms in Silsden, with its uniqueness, its eccentricity, its music, the absorption and applause of the spectators, the pint of ale in hand, the warmth of a setting summer sun over the car park, the feeling of simple communal happiness at it all – well, there are still good things in life. Grab ‘em.
Keighley Road, Cowling

PAUL Morley wrote last week that he voted leave the EU to avoid the laws and rules that affect his everyday life – Maturing opinions (Craven Herald, July 7).
I would be very interested to hear which actual laws and rules have, presumably, a detrimental effect on his life.
Failure to produce such a list the following week will be telling by its absence.
I trust he will not risk incurring ridicule by mentioning bananas or cucumbers!
Wharfe Road, Austwick