Approx. 4/5 years ago I was allowed three minutes to beg Area no. 3 Highways to provide a pavement along the road from Sutton Mill to Eastburn. Photos were shown of the conflict between pedestrians and the heavy traffic. Result – no priority, no money because no problems! Money was then spent on roads being used by the Tour de France.

The renovation of  Royd Hill to provide private housing has now resulted in talks of narrowing the road there to provide a pavement for the new residents to walk to Sutton. Over the past few months Sutton residents have put up with traffic lights at this spot whilst utility work has been carried out. What happened to people walking to Eastburn  and Airedale hospital at this time?

Queueing stationary traffic had to keep near the wall side whilst moving traffic passed at the other side as the lights dictated. Pedestrians had no room for safety at either side of the road. If the road is narrowed anywhere on this old road it will lead to even more danger for pedestrians.

The fairer way would be for the boundary wall of Royd Hill to be pulled down and a pavement made on their property for the whole of their frontage to allow safe passage towards the cricket field. Forward planning should then promote a pavement continuing on that side of the road to Eastburn. This could be like the precedent of the path outside South Craven school with the path on the inside of the existing wall.

Some dark night there will be a major accident on this road which has not been changed since I moved to Sutton in 1946 and used by horses and carts.

Sutton already has 3 narrowed roads on the Main Road and Bridge Road. This slows down traffic but it also leads to congestion and a loss of car parking spaces which are already at a premium here.

I strongly object to any plans to narrow the road and I urge North Yorks and Bradford Council to sort out pedestrian safety on this road with a pathway whether it be on the North or the South side of the road. This road serves both counties with our two primary and one secondary school and takes a lot of heavy traffic. There is a problem, a big problem and safety is paramount.

Margaret Nicholson.  

Park Drive, Sutton in Craven