The pictures of schools enthusiastically commemorating World Book Day were a delight; but it may as well have been World Fiction Day.  Where was the celebration of the many excellent non-fiction books specifically written and illustrated to introduce young minds to topics in science, nature, engineering, astronomy, geography, history and so forth?  After all, they are destined to be future scientists, engineers, medics, geologists, etc.   Discovering through reading can be fun, recreational and stimulating for the imagination too.  Indeed, failing to acknowledge that fact may imply otherwise to the youngsters.  Stephen Biesty and Richard Platt can be just as engrossing as J K Rowling and Roald Dahl.

H J HILL, Settle

When catching up with my reading of the Craven Herald I came across the article in the 23rd February edition entitled ‘Talks held in fresh bid for motorway linking Keighley with East Lancashire’ which reports on the possibility of extending the M65 from Colne, where it currently ends, into the Aire Valley.

One of the supporters of the idea comments that ‘at the moment, Keighley is very badly affected by gridlock. We have been looking for a solution for the last 15 to 20 years’.  Whilst not denying that Keighley may be troubled by traffic congestion one is left wondering how extending the M65 is a solution to the problem when this will undoubtedly generate more traffic.

Surely the solution to the congestion affecting Keighley and other bottlenecks must be to reduce traffic levels in the Aire Valley rather than increasing them.  This could be done more quickly, more effectively and for a fraction of the cost of an extension to the motorway by reopening the line between Colne and Skipton.  As a solution, reinstating the missing 12 miles of track would also pay due regard to the ‘environmental sensitivities’ referred to in your article.  Not only would it constitute a significant contribution to the Government’s aim of reducing carbon emissions but would also help tackle the problem -  reported on by the Herald earlier this year - of on-street parking by commuters driving to Steeton and Silsden station.

The solution is there – it is just a question of joining up the dots!

STEVE WILTON, Ash Grove, Skipton