I AM writing to you in response to your article on the proposed concept plan for Hawbank Field Skipton. I have already submitted my views to the developers website but wanted to voice my opinion to you too.

Skipton is the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. What makes it so special is that it has maintained its identity as a market town where its heritage is protected and its ‘small town’ ethos valued - essentially its old world charm.

This is what attracts the tourists to the area, and is a key source of the town’s prosperity. The continued recent developments seen within Skipton ie. Elsey croft and Lambert Hills have already had an adverse affect on what makes Skipton so special. The proposed development at Hawbank Field will have a negative effect, not only on the neighbourhood, adversely affecting the residential amenity of neighbouring owners, but of Skipton itself.

There is no justification for this proposed development, it is of an unacceptably high density and extends the historic boundary of Skipton significantly into the countryside. The open aspect of neighbouring homes will be adversely affected and the visual aspect of the development is detrimental to the je ne sais quoi which makes Skipton so special. There is a need for new homes, but the need is specifically for small one and two bedroom properties, not sprawling executive estates which extend into our countryside.

To make matters worse, there is no ‘local plan’ for Skipton, the Council urgently needs to focus on completing it, without it the developers are running the risk of ruining Skipton, the gateway to the Dales.

Dr. Alison Stewart Long Meadow, Skipton