WHEN I first read about the tragic death of a young man at the junction of the A65 and A6131, it said he was from Earby, where I live, but he was not named, so I didn’t know if I knew him. 

Today, I received this week’s Craven Herald and saw, with a shock, the lovely photo of Edward Brier, the delightful young man I worked with in the Dales Outdoor Centre shop in Skipton for quite some time – Thousands back call for works at deadly junction (Craven Herald, October 26).  I didn’t know he’d moved from Embsay to Earby.

Ed was a truly lovely young man, gentle and interesting and I really enjoyed his company at work. To think he is now dead is a horrid shock and I know where it happened, as I drive past that junction and use it myself quite often, always thinking how potentially dangerous it is.  I’d already seen the flowers, too, and now I know who they are for.  I have now signed the petition on change.org and added some of these words of mine about Ed.  I completed my comments with the words below.

This junction should have a roundabout. There is one further back at the Grassington junction and another further on at the Ilkley/Harrogate junction.  There is plenty of room for one here – get it approved and done now before anyone else dies there.

TESSA BIRD Water Street, Earby