I recently paid a visit to one of our well known supermarkets in Skipton. It seems like it is growing bigger by the day so much so that I fear for the personal safety of we loyal customers.

 Several fellow shoppers to be showing signs of emotional distress as they wandered around this huge aircraft hanger - sorry - shop. Some of them appeared to have been walking for miles and appeared

to be in some kind of trance as they tried to find what they had entered the shop to purchase. I came across an elderly customer around aisle twenty who was very upset and near to tears. It seemed that someone had just told him that the bakers where, in fact, at

the opposite end of the shop and he just couldn't face the several hundred yards trek that now stretched ahead of him. Elsewhere, in a corridor of towering chilled cabinets, I saw two children trapped behind the open of one of the freezers because there were

so many doors open on either side.This had caused a "trolley-jam" and thus the whole area soon became a solid mass of panicking people their faces showing signs of distress thinking they might

be trapped with in with the yogurts and cream for the rest of the day. At least they wouldn't grow hungry.......

May I suggest the following to  the store in question:

a) that they build a small rest and recuperation space at the far end of their hanger so people will be able to face the return trip the check outs and the exit and

b) they introduce a panic alarm button at the end of each aisle for use by disoriented customers. 

Tom Clinton