SIR - I am becoming increasingly concerned about the increase in traffic in and around Skipton.

According to a recent Craven Herald ('Concern over speed of housing approvals', May 3), 1,412 new houses have been built or are about to be built in Skipton. Some of these on greenfield sites.

I frequently leave my house to go into town and meet a queue of vehicles around the Skipton Building Society.

When I arrive in town, several minutes later, the roundabout at the top of the High Street is often gridlocked and we will soon be having a minimum of 1,412 more cars adding to this chaos.

Are there enough parking places for cars?

Can the GP practices take on a minimum of 1,412 new patients?

Are there places in our schools for the children of these households?

I understand that 35 school places are being made available, primary or secondary. I don’t think this will be sufficient.

I do appreciate that we need more affordable houses but I think Skipton is going too far with its lack of infrastructure to cope.

Skipton has been declared the best place to live but I fear it won’t be for much longer.

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